About Us

Royalty Hair Salon and Spa is one of the best hair salons in Nairobi dedicated to taking care of your natural Somali/Kenyan hair.

At Royalty Salon, we pride ourselves on crafting the very best hairstyles and haircuts for every client who walks through our doors. We have embraced a fun and forward-thinking approach with our super talented team of stylists. Our passion, dedication, and flair for creating cutting-edge stunning looks will most definitely boost your confidence and self-esteem.
Our professional environment emphasizes forward-thinking styling and a perfected final look.
We further achieve that healthy beautiful hair through the use of wholesome hair therapies as well as luxury styling products.
Royalty Salon Our Story

Our Story

Founded in 2017, our team is very passionate about all things hair and we are fiercely committed to providing a memorable salon experience every time a client comes through our doors. We believe in Being Bold & Beautiful every day. All our services are geared towards this particular goal for both women and men we serve. Since inception, we have crafted stages and processes that will ensure you get the very best service every single time one of our professionals works on your styling requirements. Karibu… Join our family.

Why Choose Us?

We are like family, once you get our very first service you are guaranteed to remain loyal. One of the key reasons people choose and stay loyal to us is our professionalism as well as our strict adherence to the in-depth consultation process between you and one of our hair professionals. We also provide a wide range of hairstyling services and a soothing scalp massage to top it up. Once you visit us and finish the consultation, simply sit back, relax or read a magazine as you get taken care of.
Royalty Salon Why Choose Us

Our Experts

Experience true royalty hair styling services from our very own experienced and professional team of hair stylists.
Nelson The Great
Nelson The Great
Nelson The Great
Nelson The Great